How to correctly get direct outbounds to dial IPv6 addresses on a specific interface?

Hello, everyone in the Project S community!

Recently I’m trying to implement a forwarder with Sing Box, which takes traffic from a local SOCKS5 proxy inbound, then sends them to a WireGuard interface. The WireGuard interface does not have any routing configured by default.

The config I wrote works perfectly for forwarding IPv4 traffic, but fails to forward any IPv6 traffic, with Sing Box spitting out “network unreachable” errors constantly. However, if I use the WireGuard outbound directly in Sing Box, none of those errors will occur.

So, how can I correctly send IPv6 traffic to the system WireGuard interface, without me needing to connect in Sing Box directly? If not, Sing Box would be quite taxing on the CPU.

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