How to Force Resolve DoH using sing-box v1.9.0


I realized you have added some DNS improvements in sing-box v1.9.0 to prevent DNS hijack and leak. I wonder if is it possible to force resolve DoH itself to a specific IP with this new feature.

Currently, DNS over UDP (as Bootstrap DNS) resolves "" DoH to and only and "" to and only.

Imagining that these 4 IPs are blocked, how can I force resolve "" to using sing-box? What is a sample json configuration?

For example, these are Surge’s manual:

Or these are X-ray’s manual:

Hello, I wonder if this can do what I intend. Or am I missing something?

  "inbounds": [
      "tag": "doh-mapping",
      "type": "direct",
      "listen": "",
      "listen_port": 443,
      "override_address": "",
      "override_port": 443